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Building Inspections

Building Completion Inspections

Would you like to:

  • Finalise settlement with complete confidence
  • Receive a detailed inspection report on your new home
  • Submit a professional report to the builder outlining defective works
  • Ensure all building works are to industry standard

Once your new property is completed, a defect period commences, allowing the home owner to identify issues that may be a concern. Why not hire Intrend Building to identify these issues and document them in a professional report format to submit to the builder.

Building Inspections

Would you like to:

  • Receive a detailed inspection report on your dream home
  • Resolve issues before the construction finishes
  • Make progress and final payments with complete confidence

Construction Inspection Services include:

  • Frame Inspection (before internal linings)
  • Final Inspection (practical completion/handover)
  • Defect and Warranty Inspections


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