About Us

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About Us

Intrend Building is a company that specialises in unique architecturally designed residential building projects.  Our customers have a vision of their home of a lifetime and engage with Intrend Building to make that dream a reality.

We can assist with :

  • architectural homes and renovations
  • kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • detailed carpentry

Intrend Building always delivers quality in the most complex residential projects, engaging and interacting with architects and designers to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

Intrend Building is fully invested in helping you to achieve your dream home and we encourage our clients creativity. Our motivation is simple – a referral from an existing customer who has enjoyed the process of creating their dream home with a builder who cares.

How Did Intrend Building Start?

Every builder remembers their first project and mine was no different. My first project a three storey architecturally designed home in Southern Sydney with a team of expert builders and architects. This was followed by a development of 5 townhouses in South Western Sydney. I soon realised that I enjoyed the variety and challenges presented by the custom built projects and wanted more.

In the last 15 years, Intrend Building has been involved in a number of new build, renovation and award winning projects throughout Sydney.

Who is Chris Peters?

Chris is a highly experienced licenced builder with a carpentry background. Chris’ passion for construction is driven by challenging builds and client satisfaction. With his knowledge and desire for success, Chris delivers exceptional quality homes and continues to achieve beyond the client’s expectations.

Gaining a large portion of his experience whilst working with Bellevarde Constructions, Chris played a major role in the management and construction of some of their largest projects. Chris’s portfolio of completed projects includes award-winning homes in various categories recognised by the Master Builders Association, as well as featured in numerous publications.

Chris has a reputation in the residential building industry for being professional, on time and delivering a quality project every time.